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Anyone know anything about NYU's Low Res MFA Program?


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I am only applying to low res MFA programs for a number of reasons (can't quit my job, family can't move, etc). I was recently accepted to a few, including NYU's Paris MFA program. It's my dream program but also egregiously expensive and it's low res so no funding. Has anyone heard if this is a good program, done the program themselves and want to comment, etc? 


I just want to be Really Damn Sure about this before I consider plunking down 50k on grad school. Please advise!

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I just applied to this program, along with Warren Wilson and Pacific University. PU called with an acceptance, but I haven't heard anything from WW (thinking this is a bad sign) or NYU. Any word from NYU from anyone else (low-res program)? I know they extended their deadline until the 15th, but just curious. Thanks!


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If you have another acceptance, you can call NYU and they will try and expedite. I was told I “will receive good news,” but they can’t let me talk to current students until it’s official.

Also called Warren Wilson (where I was officially rejected today, but informally told “no longer under consideration” two weeks ago).

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Hi all! Sorry to ping you all on this thread a whole year later, but it was the only discussion I could find online about this program!
I'm curious if you were accepted to the program, and if you went, what your thoughts have been!
I am currently awaiting a response about my application. They extended the deadline to the 15th of September this year, as well.

What did you say to the admissions office when you called and asked to expedite? I am considering doing the same, but also concerned I'm just not being patient enough.

Thanks so much for your time!

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