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Can I get into econ masters programs given my background?


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I graduated 3 years ago with a BA in IR from a top school in that field (3.55 GPA). I've taken Calc 1-3, Stats, and Linear Algebra. However I only took Intro to Micro, Intro to Macro, and Int'l Economics (which I don't think really means much to admissions).

Do I have a chance to get into decent/good masters programs? I'm looking at:

PSE PPD, Boconni ESS, UCL MSc, BGSE economics and finance, IHEID MA in Int'l Economics, Duke MA, BU MA, SAIS MIEF,.

People always tell me to apply to LSE but I don't make the GPA cutoff so I don't think I'll bother. 

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I have no idea if I'm just wasting my money applying to all of these without an econ undergrad degree.


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Dont apply to programs where you either do not meet or just meet the minimum requirements, you'll be automatically rejected or not competitive. Apply to programs where you exceed the minimum requirements. If GPA has you down take extra classes and do well to increase your GPA.

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