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Weird Email Situation


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This forum should have a “small questions that don’t deserve their own thread” thread, but whatever aha.


anyways, I put in a deferral request(letter) for the program I paid my deposit for, this was a bit over two weeks ago. The grad advisor said she’d contact me as soon as it’s confirmed. Radio silence for about two weeks so I put in an email on Wednesday asking if there’s been an update, and still... radio silence. Like not even a “hey, it’s still under review”. It’s weird because she’s been very, very fast with responses until this point.


not sure what to do rn considering September is fast approaching and I kind of need to know what’s up since the school is in a foreign country that’s also a covid hotspot so I really need to start some major planning, which I can’t do without a response. What do you all recommend I do?

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