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  1. Yes that is how it worked last year for RSEA. Friends heard good news, I heard bad news after them.
  2. I would explain the situation as completely and confidentially in your application as possible and fine ANYONE you worked with that either left your institution, became faculty elsewhere or still holds you in good favor from your institution to write a letter for you.
  3. It's this simple, one of the greatest academics in history was a public intellectual, Susan Sontag.
  4. It is so typical GradCafe to say September is fast approaching in May. I hope this all worked out for you @CHINESEGOLD. Don't forget to breath, us academics are so quick to panic sometimes!
  5. Hello! Regardless of where you would like to curate let's consider a few things. What is your area of specialization? Where a BA in Art History with a focus in contemporary art can sometimes land you a job as a curatorial assistant in lower-tier museums, a BA in Art History with a focus in Chinese art will not get you in the door for curatorial whatsoever, PhD or MA vary dependent on focus. What sorts of degrees do the people you wish to become (i.e. Curator at State School Art Museum) have? Do they have a degree in museum studies or do they have a pure art history degree from a well
  6. Hi Celia, great to hear about your experiences studying and where you are thinking of heading. Don't forego an application to an institution like Harvard, where I believe Eugene Wang is very interested in film and their contemporary professor(s) is/are also very well respected. The Beijing Film Academy is considered one of the best institutions in China for film, as I'm sure you're aware - this will definitely bolster your profile in the eyes of a committee. I think applying to Chicago is a smart choice as Wu Hung is there as well as Darby English. I would absolutely shoot for the top sch
  7. Can't believe this thread totally died, everyone should announce where they are headed!
  8. Have you ever listened to the podcast "Art History Babes"? They all went to Davis and one ended up as an adjunct with her MA. You could reach out to them via their socials, they're super responsive, especially Gutierrez. I think if you went to Davis you would be fine in applying to PhDs. Tufts is of course super well known and rightly so, the program is really rigorous. However, at Davis you are getting super great funding and a completely valid MA. You should be fine. I guess I'm favoring name recognition because I decided to decline funding for an unfunded spot at Penn. I did this mainl
  9. Hi, I would strongly recommend Tufts over UC Davis. Davis is well funded but unfortunately the reputation can kill middle of the road applicants whereas middle of the road applicants from Tufts can still enter top PhD programs! All best.
  10. Everyone that got into BU should do some research on the program before committing. Speak to current graduate students!
  11. Anyone going to Penn this fall, PhD or MA? Would love to become friends!
  12. I haven't been admitted yet, but I was able to meet twice with my advisor, and I had a phone call and email communication with the DGS.
  13. Who is your POI if you don't mind sharing. Mine is on sabbatical so I assume he will not be reaching out. And a huge congratulations on this achievement, any other offers you are considering?
  14. I got rejected from my lowest program but accepted at much better schools. Depends on a lot of factors - an admittance that is. Hold out hope.
  15. Do anything you can to work with Mina Cheon.
  16. From what I've read, there is no need to say anything - even if you reject an offer. It would be good for networking to get in touch with the DGS's once you make a decision, simply so they can get people off their waitlist if that's still viable for their department. BUT, you should wait until you can use other offers as financial leverage.
  17. GSAS will likely send results on Thursday or Friday according to a DGS NOT in the French department.
  18. You should wait until April 15th regardless. If the PhD comes through you'll regret not waiting.
  19. From the RSEA DGS "The offer letters will apparently go out later this week (we are not sure if Thursday or Friday), so I am told. We don’t know exactly, since it isn’t the RSEA program that sends them out, but in any event hopefully very soon."
  20. Should we all just make a pact to go to our top school regardless of funding lol
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