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Which Ipad For Grad School?

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Hi All! I tried searching for this question before posting here, but I couldn't find a recent post regarding this. I'm wanting to get an Ipad for grad school and I'm unsure of what size would be best? I was hoping to get an idea of what other people have had in the past and which they liked. I was planning to get the 10.2 basic Ipad with the pen and keyboard, but my family asked why I wouldn't get the pro. I didn't really think of it honestly.

I have a laptop now that turns into a tablet, which is why i'd like to just go full tablet. I'll be in school for Museum Studies so I also feel like the Ipad will be way more portable for me to carry around the museum, do research, take notes etc.Any thoughts or opinions on the reg. Ipad vs. the other ones? 

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I got the iPad pro 12.9 when I graduated and it was a life-changer. I use it to read in the actual page size (and annotate, etc), for grading, for note-taking, for prepping classes, and to present. I am not familiar with the difference with the other version from the top of my head, but make sure you have enough memory. 

That said, I did extensive international research and I carried my laptop around without any issues. If you don't need to type much, then go for it.

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