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  1. Hi All! I tried searching for this question before posting here, but I couldn't find a recent post regarding this. I'm wanting to get an Ipad for grad school and I'm unsure of what size would be best? I was hoping to get an idea of what other people have had in the past and which they liked. I was planning to get the 10.2 basic Ipad with the pen and keyboard, but my family asked why I wouldn't get the pro. I didn't really think of it honestly. I have a laptop now that turns into a tablet, which is why i'd like to just go full tablet. I'll be in school for Museum Studies so I also feel like the Ipad will be way more portable for me to carry around the museum, do research, take notes etc.Any thoughts or opinions on the reg. Ipad vs. the other ones?
  2. Thank you so much for this advice! I really appreciate it. I'll definitely look into critical heritage studies and methods.
  3. Hi All! (Entering 1st Year Museum Studies Program) I reached out to my grad department last week to inquire what our classes would look like and if the apprenticeship we all get will be affected. Thankfully that won't be affected and our classes are super small so we'll be face to face, but university requires mask and I'm sure the room will be social distanced. How or what should I be doing at this point in time to prepare for the start of classes? I'm a bit nervous that I'll be behind because I took a gap year and worked after I got my undergrad. I recently found this website called Alibooks (I think?) and found some different museum studies/anthropology books for CHEAP to start my library of those. Should I start reading journals and things like that as well? I'm nervous about figuring out a thesis ALREADY. Also, I feel like I'm already feeling Imposter Syndrome:( Also, how do people dress for grad classes? In my head I see grad school as this like way bigger deal than undergrad and that I need to be extra presentable all the time. I'm sure nike shorts and a big tee aren't acceptable in classes. But I'm unsure if I'm just putting too much pressure on myself already. Any advice or guidance for preparing before classes start would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Heck yeah!! My previous roommate just finished up her first year at UW and she loves it!
  5. Oh no!! I'm so sorry! It's the worst feeling. I actually had initially thought I would get in there and it was super dissapointing to find out I was rejected. Hopefully you get in to another one ofyour top schools! (sorry for the late reply)
  6. Thank you so much! I keep seeing all this great stuff about TTU museum and such and I'm super excited. Still haven't heard from Boulder?? That's crazy.. I feel like everyone should've hear back by now. Especially with this pandemic happening. It's like... everything is coming to a halt but some people still have to move or what not.
  7. I finally heard back from CSU late last week, I got refected. Which is okay since I got into Texas Tech instead
  8. You could totally reach out the the schools directly and ask them about when students are notified!
  9. Responding to this topic to see if it'll get some responses! Just accepted an offer at Texas Tech for a master's this fall. I live in TN currently so my boyfriend and I will be making a big move when our lease ends in early May. Does anyone have any recommendations for best places to live? We would prefer a house since we've been in apartments for so long and i have one cat. We're looking through zillow now but I wasn't sure if there were other websites to find homes in the area for rent? What are THE spots to visit in Lubbock? Best food and bars? What are some favorite spots of those who live there?
  10. For those that have viewed this, I finally got in contact with someone at CSU and the museums specialist professor accepted a job in Europe so they're completely suspending the Museum track
  11. I accepted my offer for the Heritage and Museum Sciences graduate program at Texas Tech University!! I'm so excited for this next chapter in my life. It's meant to be!

  12. Hopefully we hear back before their spring break! That seems the most ideal
  13. I was told by the academic coordinator, earlier in Feb., that students would be notified about acceptance or rejection for the public history master's by the end of February. I know it's only March 6, but I still haven't heard anything back yet. I reached out last friday and haven't gotten a response... am I waitlisted? I'm unsure if I should try to get in touch with the professor that I have previously spoken to.. or if I should just sit and wait... Please help or any advice is greatly appreciated!
  14. Also! I applied to Texas Tech program last minute for a backup just in case. I submitted the app on Friday and they've already gotten back to be about being accepted. Exciting! BUT, I did not have an overall GPA of 3.0, mine was 2.7 but my major gpa was 3.2 (too bad that doesn't count for anything).. so they can't offer me funding the first semester. I'm going to wait to hear back from other schools before going forward with anything
  15. I haven't heard anything recently at all. On Feb. 12th, I emailed the Grad Program Coordinator about when students would be notified, she said that the facily reviewers would be meeting the next week to discuss choices, and that "applications will be reviewed Jan. through Mar. and notification should take place by Mid-April"... so it could be a min till we hear back. She said that waitlists are also a possibility. I'm constantly checking my portal and email just in case though
  16. I haven't heard a word. I've heard that not all schools with do in person interviews but the Director said that sometimes schools will pay for students to come visit in march... Unsure if that is for EVERYONE or just a select few.
  17. Boulder is also my top choice! I also applied for the Collections/Field track but with an Anthropology Cognate. I really like the work that Dr. Shannon has done and hopefully I can work with her. I wasn't able to speak over the phone with her due to schedule conflicts. But I did get a chance to talk with the Director of the Museum Studies program and he got me super excited and was impressed with my research experience so hopefully that stuck with him and they'll pick me maybe?!?! he told me they take in about 13-15 students i believe
  18. I feel like I'm in a constant state of anxiety about it all! Especially when the schools I've applied to are so far away from where I live now. So i also have to take into consideration apartment searching (remotely), so I won't be able to take tours of places, and then my current lease ends May 15th and we have to move out by then. FREAKING out! It's almost the end of February so hopefully I will find out soon...
  19. HI there! I wanted to start this forum regarding Museum Studies graduate program applicants for fall 2020! I searched and couldn't find ANY forums about museum studies/museology programs or topics. Why not start here? What schools and programs did you apply for? What are some of your top schools? Has anyone heard back from the schools they were hoping for? I personally applied to the Museum and Field Studies at UC-Boulder, and then I applied to the Public History w/ Museum Specialization at Colorado State.
  20. ohhhhh okay! I guess I didn't catch that before I commented here. Thank you for the heads up!:)
  21. I originally was going to apply to a ton of schools across the country for Museum Studies/Museology. But I decided to only apply to UC-Boulder for their Museum & Field Studies Master's and then Colorado State U. for their Public History master's with a museum studies specialization. I've been wanting to go to grad school for so long and I hate the anticipation and waiting times! Hopefully I'll hear something back soon. Boulder said people would be notified by mid april but CSU said by the end of february. I'd prefer to go to boulder over the other but idk how long I should wait IF i'm accepted to CSU, for a possible acceptance from UC boulder... UGH the suspense is killing me and stressing me out. I constantly am checking my emails and mail
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