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Any sage wisdom out there??


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HI everyone,

I am a clinical research coordinator and hoping to start grad school next fall. I have been working on a study at my work since January with a professor at the program that I'm applying for and am meeting with him soon to discuss the program. Does anyone have any advice on good questions to ask during this time? 

As an aside would anyone with some knowledge on the topic want to help me out by letting me know if I'm crazy to apply to this program? Here are my stats:

Desired program: PHd in clinical psych

Major - psychology w/ 3.9 GPA

Minor - Neuroscience w/ 4.0 GPA

No GRE requirement for application this year

Letters of Rec - Two from former professors, 1 from my physician PI, and 1 from the research nurse that works at our clinical site and has previously worked with this program on research

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