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CV for PhD Applications

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I am currently converting my professional resume into an academic CV (for biostat applications), which involves deleting certain skills that are only valued in the industry, and adding certain things that are valued in academia. Currently, in order, I have the sections:

1. Summary and Objective - brief TLDR of my SOP, 3 sentences
2. Education - no GPAs listed, should I? since they'll be getting my transcripts anyways...
3. Research - 3 research projects, unfortunately no publications resulted
4. Skills - I have a few coding languages in here, I used to have things like SQL, AWS, Hadoop but unsure if that is going to help my CV
5. Professional Exp - over 1 year of working on interesting stats projects in R&D at companies
6. Relevant Coursework with relevant coursework GPA listed - I come from a non math/stat background for ugrad and received a stats masters
7. References - same as recommenders for my apps

It is about 1.5 pages long written in LaTeX. Given that the pinned post by @cyberwulf does not contain any discussion on CV, I'm assuming that is like the SOP; as long as everything checks out, it doesn't really improve or hurt chances. Are there any red flags that I should be sure to avoid, or anything that might be raise the reviewers eyebrows?


Any advice is much appreciated.

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It doesn't hurt to put your GPAs, if they're good. Also, I wouldn't include any kind of summary/objective text on a CV. Regardless, there likely won't be anything on your CV that isn't on your application in some other form (except maybe publications).

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