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Am I targeting the right schools?

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I'm a recent graduate in Data Science, emphasis in Applied Math from UC Berkeley, looking to apply for master's programs in Applied Math/Computational Math. 


GRE General- 157 Verbal, 166 Quantitative, 4.0 Writing

GRE Subject Math-Cancelled due to COVID

LORs- All three letters should be fairly strong:

1) Well-known professor I researched with in computational geometry, was heavily involved in several projects.

2) Lecturer in a sound computing course I took. I was quite interested in the course and showed up a lot to office hours. He seemed enthusiastic about writing me a good letter.

3) Computer Science professor I have been working with since summer from my hometown. The project I am working on is the thesis subject for two graduate students and are in the early stages of writing an academic paper. He said he'd be happy to write me a letter.

I have some particularly low grades in two courses, Concepts of Probability and upper-division Linear Algebra, but was hoping some of my other experiences could compensate for them. I did well in lower-division math, A's in Calc I & II, but my upper-divs are around a B/B- average, with some lower than that :(.

I have a list of about 10 schools: UChicago, UWashington, Columbia, USC, UCSD, UCSB, UMD, UNC-Chapel Hill, Northwestern.

I know most of these are reaches, am I aiming too high, or do I have a shot at some of these schools? If not, should I apply to some lower-ranked programs, and which ones? 

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