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I'm still waiting to hear from them too, although at this point I've got better options and probably wouldn't go there. If I get accepted, maybe I'll auction my spot to the highest bidder on eBay. These graduate stipends don't make you rich, so I'll need the extra income.

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I received the following email on the 22nd of January. If you want to find if your application is complete or not, I would email the department, not the grad school admissions group. The school gets enough mail, where it really could be a volume issue. I imagine acceptances will hear pretty much any day now.

Dear XXXX,

Thank you very much for applying to the Political Science graduate program. We wish to inform you that your application is complete, and your materials are now being reviewed by the Admissions Committee. There is nothing further we need from you at this point. Should that change, you will be notified of what is needed by email.

Unfortunately, the process of considering applicants is a long one. Please understand that we normally receive approximately 300 applications, from which we accept from 10-12 new students. Most likely you will not hear anything further from us until the end of Feburary or beginning of March.

Thank you again for applying, and the best of luck to you.


Benjamin Radcliff

Director of Graduate Studies

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Very weird. I checked online but I don't think the standardized web site that ND uses (along with other graduate schools) is an interactive one that updates your status. I think we have several people posting here that have received e-mail rejections. Thankfully at this point I have not received one, but I'm confused as to why people report e-mail rejections over the course of two days. How long could it really take to send out 250 rejections via e-mail? I mean WL and Acceptances are a bit trickier and personalized, but rejections? It's not like the faculty member you wanted to work with is going to write you a personalized rejections.

These developments are odd indeed.

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Has anyone heard anything? Has anyone been accepted or waitlisted, or even just called by the dept. and told they were a finalist etc.? I'm so confused as a few have claimed to have received reject e-mails. If you're rejecting via e-mail why would it be in stages?

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you seem to have some insider knowledge. are you able to say anymore about the process at ND and why it seems (at the moment) they are operating in the opposite fashion of most programs out there (giving out rejections), waiting til last on acceptances, WL and final cuts?...

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