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Hi Everyone,


My references are ready to complete their letters and I just wanted to clarify that only 1 letter will be used (and copies will be given to each school) so in the case of applying to both AUD and SLP at Western, the letter must be general and/or discuss my qualifications for either program? 

Is it better to apply to only 1 program and really tailor the reference to the one program? My commitment has always been SLP and my experiences is SLP based but with the requirements waived I thought I would try Aud. I prepared packages for each reference to draw information from but I am worried that by applying to both.. my SLP dedication may be lost. Any thoughts?! Does anyone know of someone who applied to both programs?

Thanks in advance :)


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I can't speak to these exact programs, but I'm in a similar predicament. I'm applying for a SLP program and a grant opportunity, and didn't want to ask for multiple letters from my recommenders because they are all pretty busy. I think that having letters that specify your dedication to a specific program is beneficial, but not necessary. Plenty of people apply to multiple programs, and through looking around on here there are more than a few people that apply for SLP and AUD. Take this with a grain of salt, but I'd say that you could ask your recommenders to write two letters for you, and specify why you'd like the information to be different. This would only be possible if you have a bit of time left until you need the letters to be completed and you've built a close relationship with your recommenders, though. I would have done this if I'd had more time, instead I chose to have two sets of recommenders. 

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