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Has anyone gotten into grad school with a similar resume?

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Hello everyone!   I was wondering if anyone here had a similar resume as me and got into a graduate SLP program. I'm looking for out of field applicants with low out of field GPA (<3.0), high CSD GPA(>3,7), high GRE scores(>310 + >4.5), and years of experience? I have been fixated on my out of field GPA and it is starting to make me feel like my efforts are futile. 

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Well, I can't speak to exact numbers, but I know that a few people in my cohort definitely came into the field with low undergraduate GPAs who made up for it with life experience,personal mission statements, and completing their prerequisites with >3.7. From what I've seen, good GRE scores help but tend to matter less than the last 60-90 units of coursework completed. It may make it less likely to get into some of the more competitive programs, but that doesn't mean it's impossible, especially if you have a solid SOP and recommendations, preferably from people in the field that know you well. 

I'd highly recommend looking at the stats of programs you're interested in on EdFind. When I was applying, it really helped me to see the ranges of GPA's accepted to fight the ever-present imposter syndrome, as well as up to date acceptance rates. 

If your heart is set on programs that are less likely to consider you, I'd also recommend retaking some of the classes that set your GPA back earlier on, especially if they have significance to the SLP field. 

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My undergrad GPA in psychology was a 3.0 and my CSD GPA was a 3.4. My GRE was I think 290ish and years of experience in ABA and working as a teaching assistant. I am currently attending grad school and was accepted into enough programs that I got to pick which one I really wanted to go to. I did not get into my top choice but I still got in. My CSD grades were a BIG improvement from when I was in undergrad and I was told they liked to see that change. That I had found something I really liked and worked hard for it. Sometimes if feels like you have to be perfect to get into grad school but you don’t and I wish someone had told me that before I applied and all the stress I was under because I thought I would never get in. 

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4 hours ago, MelMelMel said:

Thank you both so much! That makes me feel a thousand times better

It should! :)

Also - while it may not happen, definitely don't be discouraged if it takes you more than one round to get in. I know people that had stellar stats that took 3 rounds before being accepted. I had lots of applicable work experience and a competitive GPA but a different undergraduate background, and it took me two years to get in. 

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Hey! You can absolutely get in. 

My GPA wasn't exactly the same, but it sounds to me like you've got all the right stuff. I wrote about my own experiences here: www.thespeechblog.com I was an out-of-field candidate, no SLP experience, I wasn't even living in the US when I applied to grad school... and now I'm a full-time SLP :)

To you, and everyone else who might be reading, you can absolutely get into a program if you want to. You're going to have to do some work, spend some time, and maybe change your expectations, but you can do it. 

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