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need advice from persons who are in the field of social work!!"living in canada"


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HI all so like most people I am stuck. The future is calling and I am stuck. Social work seems to be this glorified field on paper but I need to know the realities of this field. I've seen lots of post talking about macros\micros (((wtf))) of social work!!!!!!! LISTEN "i gots" no clue what any of that means..... Go to school they say....be something great they say.......get an education they say.........well sh***t I say I'm lost!!!!! ok background time.... moved to Montreal 5 years ago on this illustrious path to find great wealth and 6 figure job....ha! welp in Montreal when you are from certain countries you have to start over your schooling from scratch... any whoooo... 3 years later an I finally have a Quebec high school "the struggles" well now I'm looking into going to university because I'm no spring chicken and CEGEP is just not it for me I'm mind boggled that you have to do 3 years of cegep ""quebec form of college" just to go do another 4 of actual university studies "WTF""WTF""WTF"... send help asap...

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I don't know much about Quebec schooling because I'm in Ontario, but I can tell you that macro social work is at the systemic level (so developing policy, doing advocacy work etc) while micro social work is working with individuals (clinical, case management etc).

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