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Ciao a tutti!

I have been seeing a lot of questions in the grad admission results, especially regarding interviews. I decided to start this thread to create a space to ask those questions and share admissions results/experiences with each other. 

To get things started, I saw a lot of questions asking about NYU interviews. I can only speak for myself. I was interviewed on Jan 22, and I have not heard anything since. Judging by the results, it seems no one else has heard back either, but they must be doing a second round of interviews. 

Can't wait to hear from everyone! Hope you're all staying positive. 

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Ciao--I also received an interview invitation in early January at NYU. I have since received an offer at my first choice program and decided to withdraw my other applications, including NYU. I'm not sure where they are in their process, but they have one less application to deal with now. I hope this helps and that you hear some good news soon. 

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