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Hey y’all. I don’t know if there are other CUNY applicants up in here, but I called Brooklyn College today to deal with a clerical issue (my application was listed as not complete due to some community college courses I took in high school.) The woman at admissions was very kind but she told me that answers might not go out for another SIX WEEKS. thought this would be useful to anyone chomping at the bit to hear back.

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Yikes! Well, that's nice to know. I knew they would take a while but that seems a bit on the outer edge of their typical range. Oh well!!!! I wish the dang NYC schools weren't all so behind on the drop. I know it was probably hard to tell but did you feel she was telling you as a courtesy (like, hey we are more behind than usual) or just what they would say to anyone as their standard range so they don't expect anything too soon? 

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