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  1. Literally bless your heart
  2. Stupid question: can anyone tell me how to access your "inbox" on here. I got a notification that one of y'all sent me a private message (had no idea about this feature) but I can't seem to find my inbox anywhere 😞
  3. Love this! Ariana Reines is objectively the best.
  4. Roger that: My phone is surgically attached to my hand. I’m hoping that the poetry acceptance bodes well for us hearing back today. I just keep telling myself that in all likelihood, the decision has already been made, our fates are sealed etc etc
  5. I have a feeling Brooklyn College is going to notify acceptances today (or tomorrow.) thank god I have to work today otherwise I would be refreshing my inbox like I was trying to book a vaccine.
  6. Same here!!! I interviewed Wednesday and it was short and professional — truly nothing to write home about. At least he said they would try to notify us by the end of the weekend. Here’s hoping we see each other in Brooklyn next fall! 🤞🏻
  7. Just interviewed with Joshua Henkin at Brooklyn College. I would be interested to know if he was running the interviews for all the other finalists as well or if y’all interviewed with someone else.
  8. Has anyone who’s interviewed for MFA programs share their insights? I know there’s some totally obvious question I’m going to be unprepared for. (For me I always get stuck on, “what questions did you have for us?”)
  9. just landed an interview for Brooklyn College (my top choice if I ignore financial restrictions). felt auspicious because it’s bernie’s alma mater and he emailed me about Walmart in the exact same second
  10. This. The very first news I received was a waitlist to WashU. Since then I’ve been rejected from Michigan and Syracuse, but WashU was always where I wanted to be. Hard to get my hopes up when there are only four slots for fiction this year (some of y’all better get into Iowa) but also I can’t stop looking at apartments in St. Louis
  11. I also came here to ask this!! the first story in my fiction manuscript is set at NYU which might have been a huge fo paux.
  12. Do we think Syracuse is going to notify today? It’s the only school I’ve ever applied to in the past, and they always notified in February. Once on the 15th, once on the 20th.
  13. My conspiracy theory is that many programs allowed students to defer for the first time in 2020 due to covid and classes not meeting in person. So in addition to an influx of applicants due to trends around people applying to grad school when the economy is tanking, plus all the leisure time many people had for applications due to being out of work, we are also up against admitted students from 2020 who may have chosen to defer.
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