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  1. I called them and apparently I was admitted on March 9 but have no access to the letter/results. The person on the phone was great and helpful, but other people are experiencing this and have called with mixed results - ie being dismissed. They apparently have a bunch of messed up stuff happening in their portals, but I know that at least two of us were accepted without knowing it. I wrote an email prior to calling (changed course) and the person who responded to my email basically said it was a mistake and was trying to smokescreen me, so it really depends on who you talk to. They are probabl
  2. And to add something fun to this: I checked my application portal for The New School this morning and I have no status update/decision link, no emails from them, but when I click on my application I do have a thing that says Forms: Required: Reply to Offer of Admission, which leads me to a place where I can accept or decline the offer of admission to the school, which I have not received??
  3. Same! Just rolled in. It's...uh...stark.
  4. A ton went out in mid-late February. They've been done with first-round acceptances for weeks/have sent out mass emails to their acceptees but no waitlist/rejections. It's all on Draft and some on the actual Grad Cafe listings as well.
  5. Totally! I've had the exact same thought, like NYU made somewhere around $110,000 from its application fees in JUST the CW department alone and they haven't even bothered to send out waitlists or rejections! But I think it's also good to remember that institutions are kind of....messed up. Not saying that adcoms have to be directly motivated by money alone in order to consider/care for your work thoroughly, but they're honestly probably somewhat underpaid, not seeing that money, overworked, etc. It's tough. I think calling it an imperfect system would be an understatement. But that's all the m
  6. I have a feeling that basically what happens is they begin by reading the first 1-2 pages of your sample and if it doesn't grab them, they scrap it and move on. If it does, they probably read the whole thing and then the rest of your materials based on that, then gather their faves and have real discussions about them. 90% of applicants probably get discarded faster than they think. I saw some adcoms on twitter really stress to put your best stuff FIRST, and when I inquired if that means they might only read the first couple pages there was no response. I don't think any adcoms want to admit t
  7. Yeah. I mean, I get that they're overworked, unprecedented amount of applications, etc, etc, but I would have a little more empathy if these weren't decisions that involve a lot of major life choices for people during a pandemic. How hard is it really to send out your acceptances, waitlists and rejections in a timely manner? A LOT of schools manage to do that.
  8. Yes I've talked to a few and it's been great to be in contact with prospective admits. It was actually my top choice (unless I actually got funding at NYU) so I'm happy about that. They do have a waitlist and based on Draft it seems to have gone out yesterday. I didn't apply to CU just for funding issues, so I'm not sure about them, though I'm hearing talk of some acceptances here and there, but probably just echoes of that CNF. I believe that NYU accepted fewer ppl for fiction this year than usual, 16 versus the 20-30 they usually admit, which I'm guessing might be due to pandemic deferrals.
  9. Sorry in advance for this lil vent post. I am tired of these inert New York-based schools! Lucky to get admitted to Brooklyn College, thank goodness, but still have heard nothing from NYU, The New School, or Hunter even though I know they sent out acceptances already. I only applied locally because I'm not willing to move, and it's frustrating that they all seem to (outside of BK) have the same lag time in releasing any waitlist info. I think Hunter is going to stay silent the whole time. The lack of transparency is pretty frustrating, despite my distractions. I'm 99% sure I'm going to accept
  10. Same! Good luck to us both!!
  11. I interviewed with him on Tuesday! I think he is probably doing all of them since he seemed to have some pretty extensive slots available? I hope yours went well! I'm curious how many he's interviewing and how many they're taking on. BK is my top choice and I'm a lil anxious.
  12. I truly don't know! I've seen two other ppl on Draft who are mentioning interviews, no outright acceptances, nothing else in terms of decisions. I'm not sure if they're doing them for all prospective admits or if they're for something specific/they're on the fence about us. I wouldn't give up hope until you hear back. Did you get an interview before being waitlisted last year or did they just email you?
  13. I also got an interview with BK College! I think I've asked this before with no luck but does anyone have any insight into their particular interview process? Thank you in advance!
  14. I think it would have been fine to mention it, just so they know that their program has "endorsed" your work before. I had to fill out resumes with publishing creds for all my schools. Did you have to do that? I def mentioned it in mine and in my SOP, but at the same time, since it's a grad journal, even though it's nationally recognized the students are the ones who are ostensibly choosing most of the work and the faculty editors and advisors are probably more peripheral than anything. Since it's the faculty who are reviewing the applications, I think that it's kind of a toss-up whether or no
  15. I began my portfolio with a flash piece (then two longer pieces) and included my publishing credits so I will be a good case study! One of my publishing credits is actually forthcoming in the lit mag that is based out of a grad program that I applied to, so that will be interestiiiiiinnnngggg. I hate this.
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