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GVSU Interview


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Hi all,


I have an interview with GVSU (Grand Valley State University) in Grand Rapids, MI. 

I have read their interview PDF and it doesn't seem like a traditional interview at all.

I am freaked out because I do not know what to expect. Can anyone help me out here? Are there individuals that have applied to their program in the past that have gotten an interview and can tell me how it runs? What kinds of questions do they ask, any helpful information you have, etc.?

It would be greatly appreciated.

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What program is it for? I also have an interview with GVSU for their school psychology program.

I have not interviewed with them before, so I'm not sure what to expect from this school specifically, but I did have an interview with another school last week and it had a similar structure. Based on previous interviews that I've had, as well as what I've seen online, I would recommend having answers prepared for questions like "what are your strengths/weaknesses?", "why *insert field of study*?" "why this program/school?", "where do you see yourself in x years?", "what are your hobbies/how do you spend your free time?", I would also expect a diversity related question. Those are just generic questions, but I would also expect some that are related to your specific field of study. For example, I am going into school psychology and at my interview last week I was asked to talk about my experiences working with children. 

Have questions prepared for them. I can guarantee they will end the interview with "do you have any questions for me/us?" and it's not a good look to say no. The itinerary they send me shows that there will be a student panel Q & A, so have questions prepared for current students. 

I know the virtual interviews may seem weird and intimidating because it's not something we are used to, but don't stress out too much about the format. Test out your interview space beforehand to make sure the lighting is ok and the background is presentable. Have water nearby for the parts where you will be talking a lot. I always get thirsty when I'm nervous and am talking a lot, so this is a must for me. 

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