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Cheaper Alma Mater or Take a Chance on Bigger School?


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Hi! I was recently accepted to a big state school for my Master's in Mental Health Counseling. This school is out of state but it has a lot of opportunities. It's about $50k for the degree if I don't get a GA position (which I won't know until later). It's pretty much down to this school and my alma mater which is a very small school in the middle of nowhere. I loved that school and it would be a lot easier to go there and wouldn't really put me out of my comfort zone as it's less than hour from my home town. That school is about $25k without a GA position, which again I wouldn't know about until much later. Is it okay to go out of state and spend more for a Master's? I am well aware of the salary for my profession going into it and I know it's not high which is why I avoided schools that would be any more than $50k. No one else in my family has gone for an advanced degree so I'm afraid to make the wrong decision. Any advice would be appreciated! :)

p.s. the admissions process for my alma mater isn't until JUNE for the fall start. I have to let the bigger state school know by 3/3 and it starts in the summer  

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