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Sociology PhD Funding


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I have been accepted to a few sociology phd programs so far. I am so excited! For all the programs that I have been accepted to, I have been guaranteed full funding for 5 years. According to the programs, they cover tuition and health insurance.

I just have a question about this. For whatever reason, back when I was applying, I thought "full funding" would cover other expenses such as rent? But, I guess not. Is this the norm in sociology or in other related fields as well?

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Hey there! 

Current soc student here now. "Full funding" *typically* is defined as fully funding your tuition and fees (although some students at certain universities pay fees. I luckily do not.) You are responsible for anything that basically handles your quality of life. You should be earning a stipend of some sort if you are fully funded. That stipend is either through fellowship or some type of GAship (TA/RA/etc.) 


Full funding is kinda oxymoronic because one person's interpretation is another persons struggle lol. 

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