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Have you been told your desired program is especially competitive this year?



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If you not going to do anything with it, then you dont need it. 

People have been saying that there is an increase in application based on proffessors mentioning increase applications on twitter. Some schools have mentioned the amount of people who applied in the rejection/acceptance letter. If you are curious about a school, you should email them.

I suggest that you DONT try to use these numbers to justfiy some of your admission results.

**Schools will have more info on their website about how many applied but that wont be availble until next fall.


Good luck


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I had a couple rejection letters which mentioned the increase in applicants, and I have also seen others from peers which give specific number estimates. It definitely was / is a tough cycle this year! Many programs saw their application amount double. Although the increase in applications does not necessarily mean an increase in competitiveness, the other side of it is that (at least in my field) there's both more applicants and less spots available due to funding cuts. COVID has definitely had a huge effect on the process this year and may be the reason many qualified applicants did not get an offer after interviewing. 

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