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Admitted! Oxford Vs Columbia


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Need grad school advice please!

I got accepted into Columbia's MPH in the Sociomedical Sciences department & Oxford's MSc in International health and tropical medicine and need to pick one.

For context, I've done Sociology from the Uni of Edinburgh, and am now a health editor in India. I want to study public health, specifically women's health and look at the structural inequalities in healthcare.

I'm still waiting on my funding and scholarships but for now:

Columbia is more expensive (big con) but I am excited with the course content and can dabble in many courses, and NYC is a more dynamic vibrant city. Plus I want to experience the US education system and hope to work there for at least 1 year.

Oxford has more prestige in my home country (India) where I want to come back, is 1 year shorter and cheaper. But I have done the UK system and the course content seems more rigid and slightly dated.

Has anyone done either of the courses? Any advice on what factors I should focus on?

TLDR: Just got exciting offers but am confused between Oxford and Columbia

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I did my masters in columbia, I also

wanted to experience the big apple. It just depends on what you are looking for. Is it going to be funded? Living in NYC is very expensive and fast paced. Is there opportunities?  Yes. 

I had God's providence  when I attended columbia because my parents helped me financially to pay my tuition and i worked part times as a pharmacist  to pay my rent. I met good friends there and enjoyed the social aspect. Do i regret it -No, did i enjoy living in NYC at the time yes! 

At the end of the day it is up to you, I will suggest you look at long term goal rather than short term.... 

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