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Do grad schools contact referees or LOR writers?


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I applied to the MA in Counselling Psych (project-based) at UVic and still waiting to hear back. I know this program doesn't have an interview component but it feels so weird to me that I could wait 4 months for an admission decision and the department would have absolutely no contact at all with me during that time even when considering my application. I'm curious to hear if this has been other's experience (like not hearing anything then suddenly getting an acceptance) or if you are aware that a grad program contacted your references as an indicator they were considering your application?

Thanks in advance for your insight everyone :)

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 My experience was a bit different but I applied to a PhD programs this fall, and after an initial interview, I know that at least one program did contact one of my LOR (not sure if they contacted the others). After this, I did receive an "official" interview. I am not sure if the process is similar, but I definitely wouldn't rule that possibility out-- esp if interviews are not required. Best of luck!

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