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ASU MSW Volunteer Requirement


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Has anyone else run into this? I'm thinking about applying for ASU's online MSW but they have a volunteer requirement (just to apply) of 240 hours during a 6-month period. I looked at quite a few other MSW online schools and none had a volunteer requirement. It's doable but it will be a huge challenge for me to fulfill this 10 hr/week requirement on top of working full-time and life in general.

Any thoughts/opinions?

Thanks in advance!


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Thanks for the reply! I'm going to be applying to BU, Fordham, and Syracuse. I know Fordham has some live classes too even with it being an online program. I also spoke to an adviser yesterday about the MSW volunteer requirement (she isn't an adviser with the MSW program though) and she said I should look into an appeal and if I can't get anywhere, she would help. I emailed the MSW school at ASU so we'll see what happens.

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