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Mindfulness for (Anxious) Philosophers


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You might have seen me around as I am a current applicant this year, but in addition to being an aspiring philosopher I am also an avid practitioner of mindfulness! I am currently in the midst of a certification and training program designed by Zen priest Rev. angel Kyodo williams, who is known for being one of the main people bridging the gap between mindfulness and social justice (aka individual liberation and collective liberation). 

As part of my certification program, I have been tasked with offering three mindfulness sessions out in my community, and I was thinking it would be beneficial to offer these sessions to fellow aspiring philosophers and applicants, especially given the particularly brutal nature of this year's application cycle. I am currently working on a three-part series that is particularly designed for those of us with hyper-analytic philosophical minds, so you don't have to worry about any woo-woo "love and light" crystal stuff (but crystal-loving folx are of course welcome!!). I am rather hoping to offer practices grounded in the psychology and neuroscience of mindfulness combined with a focus on mindfulness as a tool for ethical decision-making (I am interested in ethics, after all!!).

I would most likely want to host these sessions sometime over the next two weeks, and would be happy to send out a doodle poll for interested participants! Feel free to send me a DM on here, the Facebook group, or Discord server (I will post this in all three places) if you would be interested in attending or have any questions ?

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