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MS in Data Science NYU vs MA in Stats at UCBerkeley

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Hi there!

I want to be an applied statistician for a while. Although there is a 10% of change that I would like to enroll in a PHD in the future.

Which of this programs will provide me with a better preparation?

* Berkeley MA in Stats

* NYU MS in Data Science.

NYU ex students, can you say that it worths the money you invested in this program?

Nice weekend!


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Perhaps take this with a grain of salt since I went to Berkeley for undergrad and I never applied to masters program. 

Berkeley has some of the most amazing statisticians that have ever existed. I think it was really amazing to be taught by and work alongside people who have contributed so much to the field. In terms of academic reputation I think Berkeley is the clear winner, but it's also valid if you have other priorities other than just the ranking / reputation. However, I can't say much specifically about the masters degree curriculum.

Also, the location is really great for finding data science jobs in the tech industry if that's something you're into!

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