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Best Laptops?


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I use a Lenovo ThinkPad L13 -- which is something my work gave me -- but I'm considering buying something similar before grad school starts as well! It is really smooth, and can handle a lot of applications running at the same time (I code too, so it handles multiple coding applications at once). My company bought it with my local currency, so I can't say what it's going to cost you. One con though is it overheats like crazy when charging if it's not put on a hard surface.

Would love to hear what others are using!

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I have a MacBook Air 13' that I bought back in 2014. I have written two Masters theses in this beauty (you have to write two of them in French unis), a novel, dozens of articles/book chapters/conference presentations, and now I am finishing my PhD diss. I take good care of it, especially of its battery, and it never needed anything extra, except for a new charger and the Microsoft Office suite. It's also quite light, so I could walk to the library every day before the successive lockdowns without hurting my back. I highly recommend!

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