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[UX, HCI masters] UW HCDE vs. CMU mDes


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Hi all!

Luckily, I got admissions from these great courses and I need your help in decision making.

I’m an experienced UX & visual designer who worked for almost 10 yrs in a big IT company. 
I felt it’s time to learn how to find future problem and insights in global mind and get close with latest technologies and knowledge to move on to the next level, so I decided to admit to UX & HCI focused graduate schools. 


Actually, I got an admission from NYU ITP as well. However, I think that the ROI is not that good for me, so I’m considering UW and CMU. 

Both of them are 2yrs course

Cohort size: UW 120, CMU 10


I heard that the ranking and output of UW IS #1 now, but CMU has more well-known school in my country.

I want to work for FAANG like companies after graduate and I’ll come back to my country after few years if I can get a job in universities.


Could you give me any advice? I need to decide until this weekend and it’s really tough......

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