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Career Transition - Second Master's in MLIS? (Advice Appreciated!)


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Hi folks,

I'm currently finishing up a Master in Public Policy and have been considering pursuing a MLIS either this fall or in the next few years. My goal with Public Policy was to pursue work at local or state governments or in social science research (think tanks, etc), but I've been feeling a bit disillusioned and burnt out with this line of work, and am considering pivoting to librarianship. I have about 2 years experience in library reference and I've found this position really opened my eyes to librarianship.

The following is a little bit about my education/work experience:

  • BA in Human Development (mixed social science) - ~3.8/Phi Beta Kappa
  • Master in Public Policy (MPP), by this June - ~3.7
    • Coursework in stats, research methods
    • Original research for thesis on youth-based civic engagement programs 
  • 6 years of work in community-based youth organization
    • 1 year middle school after school program front-line staff
    • 2 years database management and auditing program documents
    • 3 years office management, reception, data management and analysis, strategic planning, grant writing
  • 2 years academic library reference service (UCLA)
  • Further:
    • TA-ing undergrads
    • Tutoring HS senior for AP/IB exams
    • ~1 year policy/community building work

Does it seem like this pivot makes sense, given my experience? I would want to aim for public, community college, or state college (CSU) librarianship. Some of my favorite experiences throughout my career have simply been talking and working one-on-one with folks - teaching, sharing resources, as well as working on analyzing information, streamlining data collection processes, etc. I am hoping my MPP can complement my librarianship, given my experience with government data and analysis, statistical analysis, and conducting original research. 

I can't afford to take another 2 years not working full-time, so I am considering the San Jose State online degree. I'm also working on volunteering at a local public library for public library experience. 

Does this pivot make sense? Is there anything else I can do to prepare for an MLIS or career in libraries? I'd appreciate any and all feedback! :)


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