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  1. Hi folks, I'm currently finishing up a Master in Public Policy and have been considering pursuing a MLIS either this fall or in the next few years. My goal with Public Policy was to pursue work at local or state governments or in social science research (think tanks, etc), but I've been feeling a bit disillusioned and burnt out with this line of work, and am considering pivoting to librarianship. I have about 2 years experience in library reference and I've found this position really opened my eyes to librarianship. The following is a little bit about my education/work experience:
  2. Just received my follow up email from the Grad Division this morning!
  3. Me too! Glad it’s not just me. My Evans acceptance came with instructions on how to convey your decision so I’m wondering when UCLA will send further instructions. Hopefully soon.
  4. This forum has been so useful to me throughout my application process, so I hope this is useful to others! Program Applied To: (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.) MPA, MPP Schools Applied To: Evans, UCLA Schools Admitted To: Evans (no $$), UCLA (unsure re: funding just yet) Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: Undergraduate institution: Cal State Long Beach Undergraduate GPA: 3.8, Phi Beta Kappa Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): Undergraduate Major: Human Development GRE Quantitative Score: 148 GRE Verbal Score: 158 GRE AW Score: 4.5 Years Out of Undergrad (if appli
  5. Thanks for easing my anxiety! Haha.
  6. Got my acceptance email yesterday night. Still in shock! It did state that I was recommended for admission, and more or less will hear officially from Graduate Studies. Is this pretty typical? Did anyone else have that wording in their email/letter? Feeling a little neurotic this morning. 😅
  7. As a side note I just heard that Luskin will be hosting 2020 Democratic presidential candidates for a forum on their policies regarding LGBT citizens. I wonder if they’ve been pretty focused on working on this. It’s pretty cool! But it’s making want to hear back from them even more. 😓
  8. I was considering it, at the very least to ask when we can expect to hear back. I checked out the same link too - I got the same message when I entered my info
  9. I haven’t yet. It’s a bit frustrating - I’m hoping they send out emails this week.
  10. Anyone else hear back? I feel like I’m going nuts waiting. 😣
  11. In the same boat! Their website says mid-February but it seems like no one on the forum has heard back yet.
  12. Congrats, all! I’m considering attending despite the lack of funding, perhaps very foolishly. Still holding out hope for UCLA as I would be in state and not too far from the school. I would be focusing on analysis and evaluation, and likely would also throw in some social policy and nonprofit management coursework. I’m most likely attending the admitted student days. Not sure I have an opinion on how Evans compares to the above schools as I applied only to schools on the West Coast, but despite being a local I think I’m more partial to Evans than UCLA - they just seem so so supportive of
  13. Anybody hear back yet? I’m anxiously crossing my fingers!
  14. Got an admission offer yesterday, though with no funding. Would be attending from out of state if I accept (from CA). Anyone else claiming an admission offer? Where are you coming from and what is your area of focus for your studies?
  15. Sigaba, I apologize for the late response. Thank you so much for your advice, I really appreciate it! I think I will definitely need to reflect on it while I'm going through the application process.
  16. My supervisor has been very supportive in giving me assignments based on my work and academic interests and career goals. I suppose I should be more confident that it probably will be fine so long as I have a good approach! Thank you for your response, and thank you for sharing your experiences.
  17. Thanks so much for your response. Re: #1: Should I ask her via email if she would be willing to write me a reference and go from there? Re: #2: Yes, it does seem a bit touchy. I think I will give it some thought to figure out what the response may likely be.
  18. Hi everyone, I am planning on applying to MPA/MPP programs for Fall 2019 and am trying to sort out my LORs. I have one professor who let me know when I graduated in 2016 that she would write me a strong letter. I have somewhat kept in touch with her by email, and recently she reminded me to let her know when I would be applying for grad school so she could write me a LOR. For my second letter I am planning on asking another professor who I chatted with often about my work-related goals. She was supportive of me but I never officially asked for a letter. I haven't done my part to keep
  19. Hi all! I have posted to this thread before, but I am reposting with some updated information in hopes of some (updated) advice. Age: 25 Program: MPA/MPP - focusing on education and social policy School Applying to: UCLA (dream school), Evans School at Washington U (interested in social policy concentration), others Undergrad Institution: a popular CSU campus Undergrad GPA: Magna cum Laude (~3.8); member of Phi Beta Kappa upon graduation Degree: BA in Human Development, French & Francophone Studies minor GRE: not yet taken! (still!) Languages: Eng
  20. Has anyone applied or been through this program before? In particular, has anyone applied/been through the Executive Fellowship program? If so, I would love to chat about it! I am looking to apply once the applications become open in October.
  21. Thank you so much for your feedback! I have not begun studying for the GRE at all just yet, but I will be starting this summer. Also, I appreciate the advice about seeking out work experience versus more internships - I was really shooting for the intern experience! Thanks again & best of luck in the fall!
  22. Hi all! I am aiming for an MPP in a few years, am finishing up my last undergrad semester now. If anyone would be willing to give me feedback on where I stand right now, I would really appreciate it! Age: 24 Program: MPA/MPP - focusing on education and social policy School Applying to: considering UCLA, Evans School at Washington U (interested in social policy concentration) Undergrad Institution: a popular CSU campus Undergrad GPA: currently 3.812, aiming to graduate magna cum laude Degree: BA in Human Development, French & Francophone Studies minor G
  23. Thanks StyLeD! I apologize for the late reply !
  24. Hi all, I'm a little late to the game of getting undergrad research under my belt (just getting started in my last year). For some background info, (I finally pin-pointed!) I want to study social/education policy in grad school and also have ~4 years cumulative experience in nonprofit after school programs at the administrative and direct-service level. This semester I've assisted an Anthro professor in conducting a lit review (in French) to add references to an article of hers she's revising in order to get published (basically her readers asked for very specific areas of research
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