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Hey all, 

As of today, most of the applicants for PhD studies have received an answer regarding their admissions. I hope the majority of you are satisfied and excited about next year. 

I know that "Advices for PhD Economics" is a subject that is all over TheGradCafe however, when browsing the different posts I realized there is not a concise and clear one (perhaps I missed it). 

Thus, I would like to ask you for your help. I'm a future PhD applicant (for Fall 2022) and will start a MSc in Barcelona in Economics this year (Fall 2021). I know how painful and hard the admission process for PhD is and I'd like to gather as many advices as possible. I know sometimes it might be hard to share things that took us a while to realize or even that we learnt at our cost. Maybe it seems unfair that someone just need to read this blog to find it out. However, now that you are settled in a PhD program it would be great to hear from you and to share your insights. 

In order to keep this subject as clear as possible, I suggest the following paragraphs presentation: 


1° Describe in very few words your profile: PhD program you are enrolled in / GRE Scores / Undergrad Studies / Additional work / age (optional) / anything you feel important 

Ex: PHD Economics UCLA / V:170,Q:170,AW:6 / BA Cornell University / TA for 2y and RA for 1y / 23 / always wear a hat during interviews 

2° Something you wish you had known before 

Ex: send your application files by September

3° Tips regarding application 

Ex: Add a personal statement / do not provide with more than 3 Rec Letters / ...

4° A strength and a weakness of your application 

Ex: My RA work / My GRE scores 

5° Tips for statement of purpose and any other remarks (why did you choose this PhD program, ..)

Ex: be concise / focus on why you are a good candidate not on why you like economics / ... 


A massive thank you for those that will share their insights. You know how valuable this is. 

Thanks ! 

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