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Non-traditional applicant profile eval (Data Science Masters)

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I'm really uncertain of where my application falls. I was hoping I could get advice on which schools (e.g. rank wise) I should target, and which schools are likely to be a safety or reach. TIA :)

I'm interested in applying to professional Masters in Data Science Programs (online and in person), with a focus in spatial analytics if possible. If your application is similar, feel free to share where you're applying to. 

GPA: Overall ~3.4-3.5 (1.98 first year, transferred & changed majors, 4.00 2nd - 4th year). Major GPA is 4.0. I had to overcome a lot of personal issues in 1st year which contributed to the low GPA. 

Major: Data Science (1/2 computer science, 1/2 statistics)

Research work

  • 1.5 years in self-directed research supervised by business faculty member. Not very technical, focus on managing implementations of data driven tech in government. I'm the first author, faculty member is the other author. Manuscript in publication, highly renowned journal. 
  • 2nd research project supervised by geography faculty member & is conference paper. 3 months work exp. so far, will be 6 months total.

    • Curated and led a workshops about my research topic for an upper level class, with a few more scheduled until the end of the year. 

Other info: Canadian, first-gen immigrant, female 

Undergrad description: 3rd tier, low/medium research output, Canadian University

GRE: taking my first exam this August, predicted scores are: low/mid 160s quant, high 150s Verbal, 4.5-5.5 Analytical. Really gunning for mid/high 160s for quant but we'll see.

Other work experience: 2yrs construction project management, emergency flood restoration. I was working part time before and during first year.

Upcoming job placement: (Jan 2022 - Sept 2022) hired as a Data Science/Data Analytics intern (fortune 500, not very well known though)

Extracurriculars: professionally accredited classical pianist, volunteered 3x a week 2 years, contracted for a variety of events

I've heard people say that you can jump 1 rank at most based on the ranking of your school (e.g. 3rd tier to 2nd tier) - how accurate is this rule of thumb?

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