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Profile Evaluation-Statistics/Math PhD Fall 2022

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Undergraduate Institution:Top 3 in math in India

Program: B.Sc Hons.

Major:Math and Physics

Grade: 9.5/10

Type :International Asian Male

Courses with grades: Analysis 1(10),2(10),3(10); Complex Analysis(10);Probability(10),Algebra 1(9),2(10),3(8);Calculus(10), Differential equations(10) ,topology(7),optimization(10), Game theory(9), Stochastic processes 1(10), 2(10)

Masters Institution: Top stats program in India

Major: Statistics with probability specialisation

Percentage:84%(At time of application)

Math courses with percentages:  Analysis 1(95), Probability theory(90), Measure theoretic probability(90), Analysis 2(90), Optimisation(90)

Stat courses: Statistical Inference (84), regression(62), Linear algebra and linear models (77)

Courses I'll take next semester before the applications: Functional Analysis, Martingale theory, Time Series Analysis

GRE(general): 169 Quant, 150 verbal

GRE(Math)-Cancelled due to covid

Research Project- None (have done some reading projects)

LOR: Expecting 2 decent recommendations and 1 strong 

Programs applying: Phd Math focusing on Probability (Would also like to work on interdisciplinary fields with emphasis on probability if possible)

School: Please recommend the range of school I should look for. 

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