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Profile Evaluation for Statistics PhD Fall 2022

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Type: International asian male 

Bachelor Institution: McGill University (Canada)

Major: double major in honours computer science and statistics 

GPA: 4.0/4.0 (got A for all the courses taken that are not S/Ued due to the pandemic)

Courses taken

Mathematics : Honours analysis 1, Honours analysis 2 (topology), abstract algebra 1, Honours algebra 2 (S/U), Honours probability theory,  Measure-theoretic probability, Vector calculus, Honours matrix numerical analysis  

Statistics : Mathematical statistics, Non-parametric statistics, Regression, Generalized linear model

CS : Algorithm and data structures, Introduction to computer system (S/U), Programming languages and paradigms, Honours algorithm designs (linear programming, complexity theory, approximation algorithm, etc.), Introduction to data science, Applied machine learning 

Other courses I will take before my graduation:

Mathematics Honours analysis 4 (functional analysis), Optimization, Stochastic Process

CS: Theory of computation, Matrix Computation (equivalent to a graduate numerical analysis course offered by the math department)

Master institution: N/A

Research experience:

Done/Progressing: Summer 2020/2021 on copulas theory (a paper expected to be published, full-time research)

Other research that I will do: Fall 2021 on functional data analysis (full-time research), Winter 2022 on deep learning theory (through a cs project course)

GRE: I will take them in July

LOR: Expecting 1 decent and 2 strong recommendations

I currently consider to apply to 6 stats PhD (UC berkeley, U of Washington, Harvard, Cornell, U of Toronto and one more) plus the fast-track master at McGill. I wonder if the idea would be realistic in light of my profile, and If I should apply to more schools for safety. 

I appreciate any advice in advance !

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Your profile looks very strong. The top students from the top schools in Canada (McGill, Toronto, UBC, McMaster) seem to do very well in admissions to American Statistics PhD programs -- including international Asian students. And your profile looks great.

I think you have a shot at all the schools you listed, but I would maybe add a couple more schools, so you have about 10 applications. The competition at the top can be stiff, so you want to make sure you don't get shut out. I would recommend applying to UPenn Wharton and University of Michigan, as these schools have some very good people working on deep learning and functional data (e.g. T. Tony Cai, Weijie Su). And I think you have a solid chance at getting into both UPenn Wharton and UMich. Adding two "safer" options like North Carolina State University and University of Wisconsin Madison may be a good idea as well.

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I would agree with @Stat Assistant Professor says.

But you really should consider programs other than Cornell, since they've recruited off-the-record number of students (22 PhDs with a normal being 14) in the past two years. So, the program can be extremely selective in the few years to come. You could (and should) probably consider add a few other schools of a similar rank for safety.  

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