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  1. I guess a GRE general wouldn't be much help, but it can be pretty impressive if you do really well in the math subject test.
  2. I would agree with @Stat Assistant Professor says. But you really should consider programs other than Cornell, since they've recruited off-the-record number of students (22 PhDs with a normal being 14) in the past two years. So, the program can be extremely selective in the few years to come. You could (and should) probably consider add a few other schools of a similar rank for safety.
  3. Also, one factor you should consider is that Han Liu may no longer take students at Northwestern. Or, in other words, he hasn't taken any new students since he left Princeton.
  4. Yes, both of them are from stat side, maybe he dead-set on getting into Stanford and wanted to spend another two years to increase the chance. I only heard about the decision, and didn't know him very well.
  5. Actually, I knew a guy who received both Yale's PhD offer and Chicago's Master offer. And he went to Chicago's master program. Probably this should be something that you may want to know.
  6. Thank you all for your kind suggestions! Wish you all stay safe and be happy duriing such a hard time~
  7. Hi all, The application season is approaching, I'm getting more and more nervous. I'm truly grateful if I might get any suggestions on the application process. Undergraduate Institution: Bottom tier Ivy League Undergraduate Major: Statistics Minor: Math GPA: 3.94 Type of Student: International Asian Male Relevant courses: Math: Calculus I-II (A), Multivariate Calculus (A), Linear Algebra (A), Honors Analysis I-II(A-), Numerical Analysis(A), Real Analysis at Graduate level(this fall) Statistics: Probability Models and Inference(A+), Linear M
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