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how important is GRE writing score for PoliSci PhD programs?

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I took GRE twice and got 332 for the first time and full score for the second time. What bothers me is that I got 4.0 for my writing both of the time. I don't even know why because I don't think I am a bad writer. My school GPA is OK too

I am now looking to apply for a Poli Sci Phd program this fall. I was wondering how a 4.0 writing score will hurt my chances at top programs? Should I retake GRE?


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I wouldn't worry about it, especially if you have a perfect score on the GRE already. Admissions folks will use your personal statement and writing sample to gauge your writing abilities, so take the time you save from not retaking the GRE to polish both of those up. 

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