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SLP Programs with Funding?

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Hi everyone,

I am applying to Speech Pathology masters programs this fall and I was wondering if anyone knew of any programs with good funding/scholarship opportunities? Im based in SC and can only go out of state if I can get some sort of tuition reduction. Heres some of my stats:

-Graduating from Clemson University with a 3.79 - Psychology Major, Biology and Youth Development Minor

-25 shadowing hours in schools, 40 shadowing hours of a private practice SLP (hoping to get some more hours this fall)

-Undergraduate healthcare research with a professor for 3 semesters and 1 summer

-Taking the GRE in a few weeks, but my practice tests are around a score of 310

-Hoping to take pre-reqs in Spring


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Quite a few programs don't really make their funding opportunities public, you'd usually need to apply to the program or contact the admissions counselor directly to see what opportunities might be available for your particular situation. 


My plug for KU:

  • To my knowledge, there weren't any GRA/GTA/GA positions offered alongside admission for my cohort, but there were several positions that were made available before classes started, and they pop up periodically. These are paid positions -- & if you're out of state a certain number of hours (I think it's 16/week) will qualify you for in-state tuition in addition to your salary.
  • There are other positions available outside the department, if you're willing to look at tangentially related fields for experience and funding - for example, I have a position through the Pediatrics department at the medical center!
  • There are two grants that are ongoing that take a few fellowship students every year - both offer tuition reimbursement that covers about 3/4 of in-state tuition. Students typically apply after receiving acceptance to the program. 
  • There are several scholarships offered that are specific to KU MA-SLP students, or students at KU in therapy programs, or students in Health Professions at KU: a couple examples include the Samuel Porritt Rehabilitation Excellence Scholarship and the Kovac Diversity Student Support Fund
  • There are KU specific scholarships: the CLAS Graduate Scholarly Development Fund, which funds up to $500 up to two times for presentations at conferences,  and there's an entire portal that you have access to where you can apply for scholarships within & outside the university.
  • There are also scholarships/grants/tuition assistance opportunities that are applied automatically through the university financial aid office based on your need & FAFSA application
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