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Ph.D. in Statistics/Biostatistics Profile Evaluation for Fall 2022

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Undergrad Institution: US public university
Major(s): Biology and Statistics
Minor(s): None
GPA: 3.16


Grad/Master's Institution: US private university

Program: MPH Biostatistics

GPA: 3.5


Type of Student: International Asian Female

GRE General Test: Have not taken yet (planning to take late August)


GRE Math Subject Test: NA

Research Experience:

·        No published paper.

·        Research as part of master’s program (no thesis but presentation to faculty members and submitted a written report)

·        Research experience as a graduate student at the asthma center for a year – poster presentation to faculty & students


Awards/Honors/Recognitions: NA

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: 

·        TA for one quarter of SAS course & one quarter of biostatistics II course (help students with lab hours, grade homework and lab assignments)

·        Stat consulting group (9 months)

·        Worked as a statistician/data manager at CRO (~3 years)

·        Currently working as a statistician in research hospital (~2 years)


Letters of Recommendation:  2 professors from master’s institution, 1 manager from current work


Coursework and grades(Math/Stat):

  • Undergraduate Lower Division: Calculus I (A), Calculus II (A), Calculus III (B), Elementary of Probability & Statistics (A), Elements of Linear Algebra (B+)
  • Undergraduate Upper Division: Statistical Methods in Biology (B+), Intro to Probability Theory I (A-), Intro to Probability Theory II (B+), Statistical Inference I (B), Statistical Inference II (A), Sampling Procedures Surveys (A), Intro Stochastic Processes (A), Regression (A), Adv Stat Package Data Analysis – SAS course (A),
  • Master's/Graduate:  Biostatistics I (A-), Biostatistics II (A), Biostatistics III (A), Analytical application of SAS (A), Research Data Management (A), Survival Analysis (A-), Intro Modern Nonparametric Statistics (A-), Applied multivariate analysis (A-), Survey & advance research methods (B), Advanced data Analysis (B+)
  • Future Coursework (Fall 2021): planning to take Multivariable Calculus from nearby community college


Programs Applying:  I will apply to Stat/Biostat PhD programs (mostly Biostat PhD programs). Still not sure which programs, here are my tentative list:


PhD Biostatistics

·        University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health    

·        Vanderbilt University     

·        Medical college of Wisconsin     

·        Michigan State University            

·        University of Texas Health Science Center--Houston             

·        University of Washington            

·        University of Michigan School of Public Health  

·        Rollins School of Public Health    

·        Chapel Hill School of Global Public Health              

·        University of Pennsylvania                 

·        UCLA    

·        University of Minnesota School of Public Health    

·        University of Iowa College of Public Health  

PhD Statistics

·        Purdue University           

·        North Carolina State University 

·        UCR      

University of Wisconsin- Madison


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