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Khalifa University 2022 Spring Admission

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Hello Folks,

Did any of you guys apply for Masters Program for the 2022 Spring Semester at Khalifa University? If yes, can you please share any update you have so far?

I applied for MSc Engineering but haven't received any feedback yet (though the first deadline of August 31st just passed, so pretty early in the game). I just created this thread so we can keep one another abreast of updates

Thank you

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32 minutes ago, UFA said:

 Does it mean they have given me a condtional offer?

It just means that your application won't get further review until you submit IELTS/TOFEL and GRE results. Control what you can -- make sure those items are submitted and then confirm that they were received.

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3 hours ago, UFA said:

But I know someone who did not submit GRE/TOFEL and he got a rejection message.

Hi, @UFA. Applying to programs is stressful.

Understandably, the urge to "read the tea leaves" is great. What I'm trying to recommend to you is that you make no assumptions until you receive official notification (or unmistakably clear unofficial word) one way or another. Instead, focus on following the instructions you receive to the best of your ability.

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