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Faculty with interests in experimental methods in Sociology


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Hi everyone!

I am looking to apply for a PhD next year. I have a background in working on research that uses experimental or quasi-experimental methods and am looking to apply to Sociology programs where one or more faculty members have similar methodological interests. It would be very helpful if some of you could provide some insights regarding this. 

Thank you!

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Many of the large departments will have at least one person who is well-versed in experimental methods, though I don't know of any that are especially known for using them (like Cornell for Computational and Duke for Networks). It's probably best to start with people who have similar substantive interests.

If you've found a recent paper on a topic of interest that uses experimental methods, looking at the authors' affiliations would be a good place to start your search. From there, you can spiral out by looking at where the authors' students have gone, where the authors were trained, and where else the author's school's alumni have gone. Then rinse and repeat. 

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Michael Gaddis (UCLA), Ariela Schachter (WUSTL), and folks at Harvard (conventional counterfactual designs) come to mind. I guess 'experimental' is a broad term that includes natural experiments, match-pair audit designs, or statistical/counterfactual stuff like propensity scores/IPW. An econometric course/elective might be beneficial, so consider looking outside of the soc programs you're considering too. 

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