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PhilPeople Survey Results - What do professional philosophers believe?

Duns Eith

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"This site summarizes the results of the 2020 PhilPapers Survey, which surveyed the philosophical views of 1785 English-speaking philosophers from around the world on 100 philosophical questions.

The 2020 PhilPapers Survey was a follow-up to the 2009 PhilPapers Survey. The 2020 survey increased the number of the questions from 30 to 100 and expanded the target population. It also collected longitudinal information on how philosophers' views have changed since 2009."



What's also interesting is that there are comparisons made for how opinions have changed

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Thanks for posting this! The survey itself is interesting but the longitudinal stuff is really interesting.

Do you know if there's any speculation/analysis about some of the trends anywhere worth looking at? There's a pretty marked shift in ethicists' opinions on the mainline normative theories I'd love to read about.

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