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Safe School for Psych PhD: Please help me



Hi, I'm currently a senior undergraduate and looking for phd programs (in cognitive science, neuroscience and psychology) in the US. My advisor said I should find some safe schools. Could you please give me some recommendations? I listed some basic information about me. Thank you!

- I'm an international student, studying at an U.S. institute

- Majoring Cognitive Science and Computer Science

- GPA: around 3.9 at the end of this semester

- Honors Thesis in Cog Sci

- 1 conference paper, two independent research report, 1 arxiv 

- worked in 5 labs before(around 2 months - 1 year), focusing on different topics in cog sci. 

- Interested in high-level cognition, neural behavior modeling, memory, consciousness, decision-making

Thank you!!?

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