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VENT!!!!!! I hate my thesis. I am crying right now. My committee is all over the place....all disagreeing with each other...i had to switch committee chairs midway through last semester. I am just so overwhelmed I don't know where to start. I am still waiting for feedback on the edits to my first two chapters...but I have to start chapter 3 tomorrow because I need to defend by July 29. I was planning on applying to PhD programs but I'm teaching for a year and then I think I will apply for positions in the administrative side of academia. Seriously, I am in Ohio and I just want to GO HOME and get the hell away from school.

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I'm so sorry. Hang in there, you are almost over with school.

Make sure you take at least an hour a day doing something for you. Take a bath, go to the gym, watch a stupid movie...it'll help keep your sanity. If you have a trusted professor you might go to them with for some support and advice!

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Skiergirl24, I'm really sorry you're going through all of this! I agree with matcha. Can you make sure to take some time for yourself everyday?

Do you have a friend, either someone you know through the department, or maybe someone who's removed from the situation to just vent to about this over a coffee or tea? Or maybe even a bike ride or a walk? Having a friend that you can even cry to about all of this might help. Sometimes it's just nice to have someone else validate how you feel.

This might be hard to do, but could you book a massage or something to help to you a little bit? The city I live in has a school of massage therapy, where people can book hr long massages for about $21. Is there something similar that you could do for yourself? I think it could be easily justified with the stress that you're going through right now!

Would it help you to have someone intervene on your behalf to start sorting out this situation? Do you have someone in your department that you can speak to about this situation? Your dept. chair? Or does your university have an ombudsperson, who may be able to facilitate or moderate discussion with your committee to start effectively working through your thesis?

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