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Writing sample examples?


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I have been working on getting my writing sample up to standard to apply to grad programs in the next month. I am hoping some folks would be willing to share their writing samples. I am wondering what quality of essay is typically expected. 


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Two of my profs said that most of what is said here is true.

Personally, I can't share my writing sample. One, because I'm still working on it. Two, because I'd like to work on presenting it and trying to publish it and I don't want my draft circulating. Or, frankly, given how the internet and PhD applications can go - I don't want someone stealing my work! (No offense).

What I can say is that my first writing sample for M.A. and PhD applications didn't do me too well, because it was an attempt to excerpt a sample out of a massive honors thesis. So, don't do that. The writing sample should be more than just a good term paper. But, of course, you could develop a term paper, become more familiar with the topic it is on, etc. It also never hurts to email the person whose chairing admissions for this year.

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