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Pass/Fail Impact on Admissions for T-20 Schools?

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Hi all, quick question. I'm a spring semester senior philosophy major hoping to (maybe) apply to law school this upcoming cycle. GPA is 3.75 and LSAT is 171. My college has a policy that you can choose to take (I think up to four) courses pass/fail if it's likely you're not going to do well in it, or if you had some kind of extenuating circumstance. I'm trying figure out how negatively -- if at all -- having two of these on my transcript would affect my applications.

At the very beginning of my freshman year I elected to take an intro geology class pass/fail (for some reason was the absolute hardest class I've ever taken), and this term I'm considering taking my Intro Spanish class pass/fail as I'm kind of recovering from a series of medical issues from late last year.

I'm just worried about this as a variety of other (now-resolved) medical issues impacted my GPA and some of my coursework throughout my undergrad career. (I.e., under-loading credits, streak of bad grades my freshman year, and others.) Though my grades have been all A's since these issues became intense my freshman year, I'm hoping to explain this in my addendum; but I'm not sure how understanding law schools can be, both about that and the pass/fail thing.

Thanks for any and all advice.

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