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Rejected by HGSE but Accepted to Columbia TC


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Hi folks,

Just created this post to fish for some advice/condolences from this community, and also for people who have a similar experience this year…


Very unfortunately, I got rejected from the LDIT program in HGSE this year. This was my dream, and I worked VERY HARD for it. I believe people who got in are super deserving, and I’m excited for their good news. But I just… I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around this.

While I’m still waiting for a decision from UPenn, I’m 80% sure that I will choose Columbia TC as my grad destination.

I got accepted to the TEIT M.Ed program at TC though. Don’t know if anyone is accepted to the same program and would want to connect.


By all means, Columbia TC is great. It’s just that I have been living in Boston for 4 years, and leaving this area— leaving my boyfriend, my friends— is so painful to process.

If, somehow, you have experienced(or is experiencing) the same thing, you’re not alone. I’m more than happy to connect with you!

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