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JHU Bloomberg vs Emory Rollins!!


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Help please!!

I was accepted into Johns Hopkins Master of Bioethics at the Bloomberg school of public health and Emory's Master of Arts in Bioethics at the Rollins school of public health. Both are one year programs and pretty similar costs after scholarships. I'm having a very hard time figuring out what my priorities should be when making this decision.

I am from New Jersey, so Johns Hopkins is much closer and would be more convenient. But Atlanta is my dream city especially with the CDC right there. But Johns Hopkins is the better program so maybe I'll end up in Atlanta anyways just a year later but with more opportunities. I also spent 4 years of undergrad suffering in a very cold snowy city, so Atlanta is much more appealing for my mental health. Basically my head wants Johns Hopkins but my heart wants Emory and I don't know if my reasons are stupid. I am connecting with students at both universities to talk about campus climate, I definitely want to go to a supportive school where I don't feel extreme competition and isolation from my peers. I just feel like I don't know enough. Any tips or advice or insight is much welcome. Thank you in advance!! :)

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