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I'm trying to decide between Syracuse and George Washington for my Master's in IR. Syracuse has offered me a graduate assistantship, a scholarship, and a stipend that amounts to about 63,000. I am hoping that if I enroll I could be a part of the MPA/MAIR program, study abroad, and go to DC and the aid will still apply. I also like the program's focus on personal development as a leader, strategy, and management. On the other hand, I have George Washington, which was my top choice, but has only offered me 12,000 and will not negotiate. GW has a great space policy program, well-established professors, and of course, is an opportune chance to take advantage of DC. I know it sounds stupid to ask, but would it be worth it to go to GW considering the location and connections? My goal is to ultimately live in DC and work in international relations for NASA or the State Department. One day I hope to be a NASA envoy in Moscow or Paris, or in the foreign service as a diplomat/ambassador. If anyone has any experience with either program I'd greatly appreciate your input!

Any advice would be most helpful, and thank you in advance! 
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