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Brooklyn College - Speech-Language Pathology MS Program - Fall 2022


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After applying to 9 schools and hearing back my acceptances (and rejections), I think I have decided to put down my deposit for Brooklyn College. It's the most affordable, their graduate students start off in the clinic their very first semester, and I've always wanted to live in NYC.

If anyone has any advice/thoughts about Brooklyn College or their SLP program, please let me know! Also, I am moving out of state from PA so if anyone is also going to Brooklyn College and needs a roommate, please reply! 

All the advice I have ever heard when choosing the right graduate program can be summarized in one simple phrase, "Save your money." Just because a program is more money, does not mean it is better. I hope someone comes across this post and really considers it, because I was about to pay so much money for my "dream school" when truly, I could get the same education elsewhere and pay off my loans in 5 years instead of 25 years. 

Good luck to everyone on their decisions! 

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