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Taking Real Analysis to apply for Statistics Ph.D.

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I am two years out of undergrad (Economics major) doing data science work, looking to apply for Stats Ph.D. programs. I am a bit lighter on math courses compared to others given my major, although I have taken the prereqs to apply that I am seeing (Calc, Lin. Alg, Stats/Probability). I was thinking of signing up for a Real Analysis course to buttress my application, taking that in the summer or fall term at a university online. Would that help my application you think, or is it not necessary?


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I think it'd be worth it.  Competition is high these days and I think that's a pretty big signal of math ability, and also will look good in terms of showing you're taking going back to school seriously.  Will also help you personally during the program.  If you can afford it, I'd highly consider it.

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I was in the same situation you were in. Taking courses as a non matriculated student is generally painful. 

 I'd take a course from UIUC's NetMath!  It was just what I needed and the transcript you get is identical to UIUC's (basically).


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